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In the modern western world, our collective desire to find and sustain romantic love often feels more like a great battle than a happily ever after. And, to a certain extent, this is true.

The pursuit of romantic love requires us to first have the courage to slay our own dragons, to examine and address those places within us seeking wholeness. The challenge is that many of us are ill-equipped to do this—we operate from the fantasy of what love is supposed to feel like or look like, but we have no practical tools, training or awareness about how to actually achieve the romantic partnership we so desperately desire.

Many of us grew up witnessing a host of relationships in near-constant struggle, from sheer disappointment to total dysfunction. We look around and see our friends and family members struggling in their relationships and assume suffering is just part of romantic love. We become disappointed in ourselves and in our partners, and yet remain too afraid or unsure of how to approach things differently. Perhaps we swear off love for a time. But we always find ourselves back at romantic love’s door.


Because there is a collective desire within each of us to experience, deep, lasting connection with a romantic partner. We are biologically wired for relationship and partnership.

What we may not yet realize is that our deep need for romantic relationship is actually a soul-calling to develop a stronger relationship with ourselves. It is a call for healing. And if we can commit to romantic love from a place of purpose and personal growth, our efforts have the potential to heal not only from our own wounds and past experiences, but the collective struggle experienced by our families and in our culture.

For many of us, this battle for romantic love is the key to unlocking our full potential and life’s purpose.

By creating healthy, conscious romantic partnerships we bring love to the present moment. When we feel sustained, supported and nourished by romantic love, we naturally bring our best selves to positively impact our world.

My mission is to help people just like you create the loving romantic relationship you long for.

Love is a hero’s journey
(and your story is still being written).

I believe our desire for romantic love is a soul-calling
to develop a stronger relationship with ourselves.

I believe by loving others through loving ourselves,
we can heal from the past, learn to love and change the world.

I believe that everyone matters, deserves to be loved
and should have access to help when they want it.

I believe transformation is possible.

But why are relationships so hard?
Because its a hero’s journey.

There are dragons to slay and battles to win.
It takes great courage to change.

The outcome of your love story depends on you
and what you are willing to do to get there.

The story of love is a hero’s journey and I believe it’s worth taking.

I believe that the journey of love holds the possibility for us
to become the full expression of who we were born to be.

I believe love is a hero’s journey because the journey to love
and be loved is often epically harder than we want it to be.

It’s a journey full of peaks and valleys, heartbreak and bliss.

It’s a journey that holds the capacity for us to become whole people.

And it’s a journey worth taking because
most great things require great courage.

I believe those who are willing to love bravely + expect miracles
will have the hero’s ending.

Yes, love is hard. Do it anyway. Your story is still being written.

Love Bravely and Expect Miracles.


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